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Closed: 31.12.2004
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What about the Children of the Street?

Not everything that happens on a daily basis, that is regular, happens to be normal too. There are things to which we pay no attention because we see them everyday, yet they are monstrous. So is the begging childrens' situation or the children that live on the street.


These children are sentenced to misery and unhappiness. Without education, stripped of decent living conditions, their only horizon is surviving at any cost.


Their needs are almost exclusively the basic ones: the need to find a spot where the cold does not kill, the need to eat almost anything in order to keep their body alive one more day. Plus a "spiritual" need of forgetting the misery and the unhappiness with the help of "aurolac". Do we have to hesitate so much in recognizing that the indifference of the most pulls out these children of the human rank and is pushing them towards the animalism?


The essence of the problem lies in the fact that these children are not seen as one of our responsibility. That's why the monstrosity of the situation does not shock and that's why this situation can repeat itself over and over again. If there would be this attitude of responsibility to a sufficient number of Romanians, then it would reflect at once in the state's institutions attitude. Finally, these depend on an executive that represents the votants will and that is taking into account their significant changes.


But if these attitudes are missing then there is no control whatsoever over the institutions and they began to behave in an arbitrary way. In the situation of the children of Bucharest's streets for instance, they only manage to reach the grotesque solution of "deporting" them in their native areas, areas from where most of them take the next train back. Back to the miserable life of the street that is their only option.


To give a few thousands lei to a begging child is not enough. Not only that it is not enough, but this is what condemns them to their nightmare life, since it is the exact mechanism exploited by the ones who are forcing them to beg and who are the real beneficiaries of the money gathered this way. It takes from everyone more than momentary pity, through which some are buying the pleasure of feeling magnanimous, without thinking of the effect their charity is having on a long term upon the children.


All children, no matter of their origin, are our responsibility and all of them deserve a home better than the street. All children that are living on the street must be patients of caring institutions, indifferent of their own will. This is the meaning, inclusive the juridical one of lack of responsibility of minors and the responsibility of the majors. The parents of these children have to be denied their natural rights. With all precautious taken for such a harsh decision it is inadmissible to let them still decide for some children they are sending away to beg, let them mistreat psychically and physically the children or they not secure the minimum of the existence.


The orphanage life was not happy, but it was better than living in the sewer today. The children of the street are there because of the incompetence and the indifference of some political people too, people that are not capable of stopping the corruption of the legal adoption system. In order to cut down the corruption of this system that has ended selling children like merchandise they were not able to suspend the international adoptions. Obviously, the national adoptions should have priority, but they do not succeed unfortunately to solve the problem.


Beyond all our problems, including the serious economical ones that we are having, we should have some priorities. This is one of them. No matter how poor the Romanian society is it must find the resources to protect these unfortunate children with no fate. It is the first of our dignity conditions. If we are not able to take care of these children found in desperate situation that means that within the Romanian society there is no trace of humanity or solidarity. Actually it means that the Romanian society does not really exist.


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