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Closed: 31.12.2004
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To whom belongs
our Romania?

Is Romania nowadays the same as in communist times? Its institutions have changed, its outlook changed pretty much and even people changed. But is it a different country or is it the same country?

To some extent it should be. Normally, the change of the regime shouldn't change the people's beliefs, even if on long term it changes mentalities. (One of the dazzeling pradoxes of the Romanian society is that after the fall of a communist regime towards which very little resistance and very much support was manifested, the real left-wing people are very few). It should not destroy goods which heve no political orientation, like irrigation sysytems if it can change its owners. At last, the political change should not be a trauma taht leaves more sorrow than hope , so tough as to break into two incopattible parts the life of the people and the history of the country.

Thus Romania nowadays should assume its past, break up with communism but not throw away at the same time with communism what should have survived the communist regime, unaffected by its ideas (it is left to debate, however, to which extent "the resistance by culture" invented by Romanians is really an element of continuity). We have not only failed to condemn the communism and to leave it really in the past, but it seems that we also fail to continue to live the lives we began during communist times; which is perfectly logic: to pretend the communist regime didn't exist is the same as carrying it. The change only appears more brutal, actually it is more formal.

The same problem arises, unfortunatelly with every democratic change of regime, by free elections.
The new power feels itself compelled to govern within a personal Romania, different than the one of the predecessors. This taking into ownership of the country is simbolically marked, by proper means. PSD changed the names of all ministeries, except three of them which hardly could be renamed. All major projects of the country are taken into possession in the same primitive manner: nothing done before was good, everything is relaunched on the good coordinates by PSD. The party markes its teritory with abnegation only that except the homeless dogs, PSD marks all Romania as its own territory. The only alternative that PSD leaves to other Romanians which want to have something to say about public-interest things is immigration, where from to launch on different fora the retroactive critics to the lack of openess of the power; which unfortunatelly happends oftener and oftener. The civil society is sistematicly left aside in the configuration of large law drafts, and even more in configuration of urgency ordinances, even if these regard directly one or other of its segments.

The pedeserisation of the Romanian state goes far beyond the pedeserisation of the public administration which goes almost to perfection. It manifests, logically, especially in the areas where some performance was gain earlier, like education. Even if Marga reform had enough faults, some generated by the sense that the reform didn't have the necessary time to develop itself normally, it was an area about everyone knew it had suffered a process of succesfull modernisation, obvious by the fact it had become by that the first negociation chapter closed with the European Union. In consequence the PSD mission was clear: to destroy everything done before and "marking" the domain by countless changes which belong without a doubt to the new power.

The rithm of these changes is so absurd so that even if their content would be good, which is not, their effect can be only negative. The PSD administration of education continues the disastrous change of competition rules before highschool graduation exam and other important exams. The changes are modified and these are amended also. The mandatory education is 9 years then 10, the structure of the education forms is changed anually or several times a year, depending how the wind blows in the ministery. The situation is best described by the nickname " Abramburica" ... which teh media gave to the minister, a media which stil hasn't abbused this pamfletarian mean in the battle with the abberances of the PSD administration.

Acoordingly to the communist ideal of robots production of which social insertion has no meaning, the PSD minister comes back in force to the curriculum which is rich in exact sciences and poor in humanitarian sciences. Who needs history or Romanian language? No way the citizens PSD whishes for, the ones that have voted every 4 years the way they are supposed to and in rest of time to listen to the obscene jokes of the prime minister. The way he opposed constantly the private property, which is the main element of an independent social layer, including in its electoral options, PSD brutally rejects the education type which creates responsible citizens.

Romania must not be "privatised". It belongs to all the people, asociations, organizations, unions, parties. Unfortunately, PSD is privatising what must not. In stead of privatising the big industry or the energetical sector, it "privatises" the education, administration, national budget and even the whole Romanian state. And this is the worse thing it can happend in this moment, moreover when it happends under the mask of democracy, European integration, etc., because it means the iposibillity of a coherent long term development. No seriuos reform was sustained in the last 14 years, a long many electoral terms, and even less during several electoral cycles. This is actually the quiet catastrophy of Romania. Beyond all the flagrant injustices which countless Romanian citizens face everyday, beyond all the dirty things which a party left without opposition can imagine, the real catastrophy is taht in our country is no lasting construction,nor in motorways, industry, legislative system or health system.

We live a perpetual improvisation which can take the form of a nightmare by anytime and to many it has already this shape. And this links itself directly to the fact there is no enough powerfull Romania, enough independent to the political realm, o Romania to be served and not to serve the political field.

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