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Closed: 31.12.2004
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Monthly Report

March, 2003



The month of March was dedicated to the reinforcement of the URR structures. Thus the URR activity was focused on the development of Local Organizations and on the opening of new initiative groups in other cities.


The main activities developed were:
  • To continue the campaign for the re-enlistment of URR according to the new Political Parties Law;
  • New local initiative groups;
  • The URR participation to the campaign for sustaining active members of the present CNSAS;
  • Changes in the CDL structure of the 2-nd district of Bucharest;
  • URR local organizations;
  • News on the web page.


Current information:
  • The URR activity reflected in mass media;
  • The www.urr.ro positioning in top;
  • Feedback.


New Local Initiative Groups


All through March, Diana Uriciuc, the general secretary of URR attended many meetings with the Initiative Groups and URR sympathizers of Sibiu, Alba Iulia and Arad aiming to continue the URR territorial development process.


The URR participation to the sustaining of the active members of the present CNSAS campaign


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR was the first party to answer to the initiative launched by the Catavencu Academy editorial staff, the Press Monitorising Agency and the BNS to protest towards the PSD and the PRM intention of changing the National Council College for Studying the Security Archives (CNSAS), intention that later on issued an illegal decision. URR had a numerous number of participants to the manifestation through which the civil society the syndicates and the opposition tried to form a human chain around the Parliament in order to exercise a symbolic pressure to the (illegal, of course) Parliamentarian sub-committee that was in charged with the CNSAS situation. On the URR placard one can see written slogans as: "CNSAS - The National Council for Laundering Security Agents?" and "The Common-Sense Conspiracy".


The URR attending the supporting campaign for the CNSAS College started from the principle that everyone must answer for one's doings, including those that made politics in the communist Romania; and because those that blocked the CNSAS activity stated by law were benefiting from the PSD support the PSD and PRM parliamentarians' action was twice as illegal. One can find more details on the CNSAS campaign at: http://www.urr.ro/ro/actiune/campanii/2003.03/cnsas.shtml.


Changes in the 2-nd district of Bucharest CDL structure


March coincided with the change in the component leading structure of the URR Local Organization of the 2-nd district of Bucharest. Cosmin Nichifor, the 2-nd district of Bucharest CDL vice-president resigned from his function. The new chosen leader is Mihai Mladin. One can find more details linked to Mihai Mladin, the new vice-president on the site, the 2-nd district of Bucharest organization page.


The URR Local Organizations


Each week the Local Managing Committees meet the members and the adherents of the organizations and debated ideas projects and future activity of the local organizations. The raising signatures campaign continued in March, too.


News on the www.urr.ro site


March enriched the URR web site with:


  • The opening of the new "Atitude" section
  • The CNSAS campaign
  • The publishing of materials linked to the current activity


The URR activity reflected in the mass media


In March the URR activity was reflected in 20 articles of the central written press. We issued 10 press communicates through which we have made our voice heard vis-à-vis the government members activity. The articles and the press communicates are presented on the www.urr.ro site, Media section.


On the 8-th of March ON the TVR Cluj International Mister Victor Rebengiuc publicly manifested for the first time the intention of joining the URR.


The URR Cluj vice-president, Mihaela Banciu attended on the 20-th of March 2003 a talk show called "About the Americans", with the CD Radio station.


The www.urr.ro positioning in top


In February the URR site held its position in the top, occupying the 6-th or 7-th position on the www.trafic.ro, Political section.


The visitor's number of the site passed 6.000 in March alone.


Feed back


We are waiting for your opinions and comments regarding this report on the contact@urr.ro address.


Meanwhile, we have to thank all those who hosted the URR banner on their sites, once again expressing their desire of helping us.


Any information the local press is writing about us is very useful to us.


You can send it to us by writing to the revistapresei@urr.ro address.



All the best,

Cosmin Alexandru, President

The Union of The Reconstruction of Romania - URR


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