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Closed: 31.12.2004
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About us

We are an open group of people, largely made of young exponents of Romanian economic, social and cultural sectors. We reached maturity and competence levels needed for an active involvement into halting the country's decline and directing it to a normal development track.

Our reasons

It is our strong belief that the pace and, quite often, the sense of Romania's existing political parties' actions are most of the time disheartening through their lack of coherence and perspective, and especially through the lack of adaptation to the Romanian economic reality and to Romanians' rightful and natural aspirations.

Subsequently to the fall of the Communist regime in Romania, political parties that led the country were more focused on managing crisis, rather than being focused on finding and implementing political solutions for halting the country decline and for securing fast and constant growth.

The Romanian political class, on its whole, proved and continues to prove it doesn't have vision and expertise; small politics and group interests effectively suffocated any opportunities for Romania to benefit from initially positive international conjecture.

We believe Romania's long-term chances for European integration, thus its chances for economic and social growth, are significantly diminished unless we succeed, within the shortest amount of time, to aggregate a real new, trustworthy and competent political force.

Our vision

We want to put to work an idea that the true measure for acknowledging a nation is the acknowledgement of the nation's each individual.

We want to prove this is also possible for Romania, provided that decision factors in the country maintain close contacts with the real world and promote real honest and experienced people for leading positions within public local and central administration.

We want to act for getting Romania back to normal. By this we understand:

  • effective political democracy;
  • free economic, social and cultural initiative;
  • stable legislative framework, able to sustain constant economic growth;
  • operational and easy to access social services;
  • equal tax treatment for all economic entities;
  • equal and prompt enforcement of the law, starting with the political and economical structures' top.

Last, but not least, we want to contribute constantly to Romania's shift toward a European nation. We want Romania to become an active member of the European family, behaving itself not only as a beneficiary from opportunities provided by EU, but also as a partner capable of growing the richness of the common European patrimony.

Our principles and values

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania-URR is a center-right wing party. It supports the republican organizational form for Romania and democracy as operational system for the Romanian society.

Principles and values forming the basics of our ideas and actions are governed by URR's fundamental principle:

"Each and everyone matters".

Each citizen must be equally supported and respected in order to achieve individual growth and in order to actively take part to the development of the community he/she lives in.

Personal wealth and social prosperity can be achieved only if the political activity that promotes them is, on its turn, supported by long lasting and modern principles and values:

  • freedom of initiative
  • individual responsibility
  • team spirit
  • responsibility toward community
  • responsibility delegation
  • tolerance and openness
  • respect for tradition
  • direct democracy
Freedom of initiative

Free initiative and free association between people, both aiming to promote specific interests-no matter their political, social, professional, cultural or religious nature- are the basics for democracy and modern economic and social growth. Individual and corporate initiatives have not only to be allowed, but even to be encouraged as a state policy, because they represent and antidote to stagnation and social dissolution.

Individual responsibility

Members of any community are equal to the law, no matter their social and economic status. Consequently, each individual must be considered exclusively based on his/her individual acts, no matter the individual's ethnic, religious, economic or social membership.

We are the witnesses of a political system where lack of responsibility for consequences of individual or party decisions already is a behavioral pattern for political and administrative structures.

We will thus strongly support, first of all by means of personal example, individual responsibility as an attitude and personal undertaking of ideas and acts carrying a public impact, as well as clear responsibility for these.

Team spirit

Modern world is increasingly becoming a world of interactions and value generation through complementary competences aggregated efforts. We believe Romania's efforts to decrease economic gaps with the rest of the world may bring remarkable successes only up to the point we will succeed in promoting work ethics based on team spirit, joint efforts and individual responsibility.

Responsibility toward community

We think it is essential for personal merits to always be acknowledged and rewarded. We think it is equally essential that each individual contribute to general wealth of the community he/she is a member of, and that this contribution is acknowledged and considered in order to achieve general growth and prosperity for a nation.

Each one of us has to contribute, according to one's possibilities, to maintaining a civilized public environment within communities we live in, no matter the latter are blocks of flats, neighborhoods or towns

Responsibility delegation

We strongly believe in enforcing the principle that says decision levels must always take decisions closest to the place of implementation, as a fundamental condition for efficiency in economic and social processes.

The responsibility delegation principle thus lays with the basics of administrative decentralization and the basics of increases in efficiency for economic and management activities for local communities.

At the same time, the same principle will lay at the heart of all URR activity. Our party's target is to go beyond current alternatives for political organization in Romania, still too strongly attached to the former "democratic centralism" principle, alternatives that typically portrayed parties and communist regimes waiting for decisions and indications "from above".

Tolerance and openness

We aim to actively contribute to Romania's evolution toward European integration and to settling the country as soon as possible within countries that serve as examples for political democracy and social growth. These targets are largely tied to the development of the Romanian society toward a greater tolerance to diversity (political, cultural, economical, ethnical or religious) and toward a greater openness to European and worldwide experiences and values.

We do not want a self-sufficient and autarchic Romania, but a country that is a development partner for our closest neighbors and for all countries sharing democratic values.

Respect for tradition

We believe the necessity and wish for European integration must not bring any damage to the rightful Romanians' need for keeping up their national identity. Our target is not to create a way of life within a "European country", but to create a way of life within a "European Romania", which is a Romanian country where all principles aforementioned homogenously mingle with respect for traditions and with a feeling of belonging to a nation whose present time includes a long and rich history.

By keeping and endorsing national traditions we understand an undertaking of a mission that goes far beyond "folk" appearances of festive official events. A nation survives and develops itself only up to the point where its members are truly tied between themselves through common values and traditions.

We believe there is enough reason for us to be proud that we belong to this nation, and we want our children to be able to say the same.

Direct democracy

Democracy is not a rigid state of things, but rather a result of fluid negotiations and direct and constant social dialogue between the political class and the voters.

We believe the social and political system can be constantly upgraded by expanding direct democracy.

Direct vote elections will thus be preferred against representative or delegate elections, wherever this is possible.

At the same time, public local and national hearings must be taken into consideration whenever political decisions carry long-term and major impact upon communities.

Our Statute

We are determined to input and obey the principles we believe in within our operational framework as a political party. That is why URR's Statute includes several provisions that are new for the Romanian politics:


  • decentralization of the political decision, down to local organizations throughout Romania;
  • promoting representatives to leading bodies of the party via direct elections, starting with local organizations and finishing with top structures;
  • adopting open vote for all cases, excepting elections for the leadership bodies (an exception forced by the Law on Political Parties );
  • design of decision structures within the Party according to development regions included in the National Development Plan;
  • establishment of candidate teams principle for all levels leadership structures of the Party (Local, County and National Directory Committees of the Party include five members: a President, three Vice-Presidents and a Secretary);
  • denomination of the team leading the Party (the National Directoring Committee) via direct and secret vote of each member of the Party and not only via votes from representatives or delegates.


The aforementioned provisions offer just a glimpse over our identity, reasons, aims and goals. URR is now only in its beginnings; we are aware the size and efficiency of our efforts will generate real and durable change only by growing the number of determined and well trained people that want to join us.



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