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Date: 01.20.2003


The decentralization of the public administration
or is it the centralization of PSD interests?

URR is demanding from the government to abandon the project of denominating 8 governors and to open a wide political debate on the public administration reform, starting with the long term interests of national and local development and not considering the conjectural interests of the governors.


Reform does not equal a plus of structures and extra - bureaucracy but lesser structures, more efficient structures and closer to the citizen ones.


The government project of creating 8 developing districts, whose implementation by the end of the year was announced by the PSD leaders during the recent Cluj reunion, hardly covers the taking care of their own interests. The 8 governors who are to be denominated by the PSD to administer the European Founds meant for local development will be exercising a discretionary control over them. Considering the fact that these resources are already being heavily infected by corruption the Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR thinks that reinforcing public control and improving the grade of transparency in the administration are more than necessary, more than setting up a governmental control aver them.


URR thinks that the division into regions should implicate a real administrative autonomy, with regional structures chosen by a direct vote. The division into regions should follow the regional development interests.


The PSD project of dividing the country in 8 regions, regions which will represent a supplemental level of today's districts, make too big regions, with no sufficient cohesion and, ultimately, with no object of activity.


URR is proposing the division of the country in 12 regions which will replace the today's districts and which will take into consideration the economical, the geographical, the cultural and the development characteristics of each zone and which will be allowing a better utilization of not only the European Union financial resources but as well as ones of the tax paying citizens.


Here it is, the proposal for the regional reorganization of the country:





Cosmin Alexandru, President
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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