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Date: 01.29.2003


Injustice on top of the Justice department

The Union for the Romanian Reconstruction - URR is demanding the emergency resignation of the General Prosecutor who is using his function in promoting the most scandalous causes or interests. The shameful appeal in defeasance against the sentence which condemned irrevocably the officers responsible for the Otopeni massacre of December 1989, recently denied by the Supreme Court of Justice, was invoking absurd reasons, as the "stress status" in which those officers reacted or the fact they have children to support, reasons that for the General Prosecutor would exculpate of their responsibility the ones whose job consists mainly in taking responsible decisions.


The numerous appeals in defeasance Tanase Joita is using to downgrade the very concept of justice in Romania had as beneficiary either representatives of the ex communist regime, as the Chitac and Stanculescu generals, either representatives of the underworld like the manager of Sexy Club. A great number of appeals and decisions of the General Prosecutor favorised naturally the corrupted PSD members or associates. Appeals in defeasance appeared against the sentence that rejected the Razvan Temesan disaprouvance regarding his firing, against the Bankruptcy of the International Bank of Religions or against the sentence which validated the contract CEC was vowing for the FNI deposits.

In the same time, Tanase Joita fired the prosecutors who allowed themselves to cross-examine distinguished members of the PSD party, like Hrebenciuc, Temesan, G. C. Paunescu or Bebe Ivanovici. They were replaced with prosecutors that had 100% their "professional probity" by sending the Ursu engineer to be prosecuted in 1985, action that had as a result his assassination by the repressive director squads.

The Union for the Romanian Reconstruction - URR is rejecting the vision of the Romanian society that emerges from the actions of the actions of the one PSD has given powers to watch over the legal system in Romania. We are refusing to accept a society in which corruption of the financial and banking system is protected against the bailors’ interests, we are clearly condemning the way of managing the country within which event the gang crooks find protection in the arms of the Justice Department, in which honest prosecutors are being relieved of their positions and their places are being taken by sinister servants of the repressive communist system, we are personally holding morally responsible for destruction of many human lives.


Cosmin Alexandru, President
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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