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Date: 05.21.2003


Against the Concealment of Belongings Law

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is stating that the attitude of some dignitaries who are declaring that they posses bank accounts of "more 10,000 Euro" is quite revolting. The main guilty character is the Anticorruption Parquet specially formed by PSD in order to hide the corruption, but we think that politicians should declare their belongings in an accurate figure and only on a moral base.


The Anticorruption Parquet which is changing the belongings declaration in a mockery of the citizens represents clearly a shame for the Romanian legislative system, even if it itself has been sufficiently incoherent and inefficient even before the Parquet. Still, for PSD it is vital that, considering the ways in which the ministers of the Nastase government are growing richer and richer without any chance of justifying their belongings with legal documents, the "simple people" should not be aware of how many hundreds of thousands or billions of Euro they really posses on top of those law foreseen 10,000.


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is asking all the honest politicians not to act accordingly to the immoral law PSD is concealing its crass corruption from within the party and to declare to the last penny their belongings and their next of kin's' belongings. We publicly ask the honest politicians of Romania to put some distance between them and the onerous practices of the PSD leaders, who are purloining the control by registering their belongings to the next of kin's' name. So, they left nothing else to "brag" but the '77 Dacia automobile ant the three-roomed apartment, while their children are taking cruises with their Porches and their parents at the country have 15-roomed luxury villas. The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is considering that by accepting the PSD execrable standards when it comes to honesty would mean nothing else but to condemn Romania to a lot more electoral cycles full of corruption and misery.



Cosmin Alexandru, President

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR


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