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Closed: 31.12.2004
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Letter to our far away supporters

Dear friends,

As soon as we bit the bullet and made our project public the biggest surprize came from you, our brothers from far away. We did expect, indeed, positive reactions from the people in the country, as we expected them to be fed up, pretty much as we were, with the present corrupt and incompetent political class. What we did not expect was the fact that so many Romanians who had left the country for so long continue to live and hope alongside with us. This fact gives us strength and hounours us. It makes us feel you close and present. It shows us that Romania has chances and resources it does not even know about.

When we chose the slogan EACH AND EVERYONE MATTERS we did not realize that indeed every Romanian, either living in the country or in foreign countries like France, Germany, US, Spain, Canada, Israel and so many others from which you so graciously lent us a helping hand.

Some of you offered financial help, others offered media contacts and links with various political or PROFESSIONAL circles, others still offered to open branches or to activate on opur behalf in your communities.


We thank you all.


For the time being we don't have the required resources to open branches and other structures outside the countriues. Our resources are streched thin as they are.

One day we will call upon your kind offers. Until that day, we thank you and warmly invite you to keep in touch with us and build a working relationship step by step.

The first step will require you to fill in an "adhesion statement". It is available on the web site and you can do it on line. This will enable us to register you in our database and understand the spread and strength of our resources.

The second is to participate in the debates on our forums and let us know your views.

Thirdly you can help us to build the initiative comitees that will be given the task to develop our local organisations.

In the meanwhile, those of you who can support us financially with amounts that don't require them to change their life styles, are welcome with gratitude. We have a special page on our web site with practical details about how you can do this within the law. For every contributor we will send a complete financial report regarding the execution of our budget, irrespective of the amount contributed. Because EACH AND EVERYONE MATTERS.


Thanking you for keeping your heart and soul attached to the mother land,



Cosmin Alexandru

President, Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR


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